What are your toys made of?

Our toys are created with 100% body safe, medical grade platinum cure silicone.
Because of the superior physical properties and flexibility of this silicone, it is the highest rated material for adult toys. We use cosmetic grade mica and silicone pigments to color our toys. 

How firm are your toys?

Our toys come in three firmness options:
00-50 - Medium
00-30 - Soft
00-20 - Super Soft (mainly for strokers)
Because we are creating toys in a variety of shapes and sizes, how firm a toy feels will vary based on shape and size. For example, a large toy in our soft firmness may actually feel the same or a bit more firm than a small toy in medium firmness. When we label a toy with a shore firmness or describe it with our firmness chart, it means that we have poured that toy using the silicone labeled as that firmness from the manufacturer. 
Here is an example of shore firmnesses:

How do I take care of my silicone toys?

With proper cleaning, storing, and the right lubes, your toy can have very long lifespan. Click here to see our full Toy Care page.

What are custom orders?

A custom is any toy that is not pre-made and found in inventory. You are able to choose a specific toy in the size, firmness, and color(s) of your choosing.

Do you do custom orders?

We do offer customs! Check out our customs page to see if we are currently accepting custom orders.

What is a Flop?

Flop is a toy that has a minor defect such as nicks, tears, or air bubbles. While these defects do not affect the use or safety of your toy, it may need some extra care to keep it clean. We will never sell toys with defects we consider unsafe or that we wouldn't use ourselves.
Our models, molds, and toys are all handcrafted by us, therefore, texture variation, small scuffs, and surface imperfections are normal and not considered defects.
The difference between a Flop and a mold imperfection is how it affects the toy.
Mold imperfections will be on every toy cast using that mold. A mold imperfection such as a divot, scuff, or surface texture will act no different than intentional details such as ridges, creases, or wrinkles and is an aesthetic variation only.
A Flop can be caused by a pigment speck or clump near the surface of the toy, a nick that occurs after a toy has cured or during de-molding, or bubbles that have gotten trapped in the mold that aren't usually there. A surface nick will have an uneven surface with micro-tears, and that can require extra time to carefully clean after use, or more gentle care to avoid further damage.

How do you package your toys/Is your packaging discreet?

We seal our toys in re-sealable bags, wrap them in tissue paper as padding, and package them in discreet, plain white boxes. Our return address reads CF Ateliers to protect your privacy and prevent anyone from guessing what is in your package. 

How long will it take to get my order? (U.S)

Pre-made toys should get to you within one week of purchase.
For pre-made toys, we typically ship your toy within 1-3 days of purchase.

Custom orders are typically made the same week as the order was placed & Shipped out within 7-10 business days. However, Custom order wait times can vary and a quoted time range will be given when ordering a custom.
We ship within the US with USPS & UPS. Shipping generally takes 3-5 days. 
When your order has shipped, you should receive an email with a tracking number. Once a toy leaves our hands we do not have control over how fast it gets to you. If you have a problem with your toy not arriving on time or going missing after it has shipped, please contact your postal carrier.

Do you ship internationally?

We are based in the United States and we do ship internationally. Customers are responsible for all import duties.

I am an international customer and my package still has not arrived, can I get a refund?

Because international shipping is very slow right now, it has taken up to 3 months for packages to arrive. International orders are on a BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK BASIS. Unless the package gets returned to us, we CANNOT issue a refund due to missing international packages. Please be aware of this before purchasing!