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Customer Sketch Based Custom Commission *DEPOSIT*

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Customer Sketch Based Custom Commission - 
Without Shell: $350 -$150 deposit = $200 remaining payment(s)
With Shell: $400 -$150 deposit = $250 remaining payment(s)

These are YOUR sketches brought to life through my digital sculpts.

Process: The process begins once I receive your non-refundable deposit. In Twitter DM’s, you will provide a detailed sketch of the toy you’d like sculpted. I will try my best to bring your sketch to life as a 3D sculpt. Once the 3D model is complete I will send you a GIF or video of the sculpt so you can see the complete toy. If no revisions need to be made, I will send you an invoice from ChillowFantasy 3D - PayPal for the remaining balance. Once the final payment has been received, your files will be sent to your Google Drive or DropBox in the file type(s) of your choosing.

Non-refundable Deposit: This is to ensure that, in the event you no longer wish to proceed with the process, I’m not working for free. If you do decide to cancel the design, the design will be posted in my shop to be purchased by other indie toy makers.

*Payment plans are available starting from $50 a week/month after the initial $150 deposit. Once final payment is received you will receive your files!


The sculpts of Chillow Fantasy 3D are intended for 3D printing and adult silicone toy making. Upon purchasing, please specify in the notes at checkout which file type you'd like to receive (obj, stl, etc.) along with your Google Drive or Dropbox email address.

If you would like for me to print the design for you, I will do that for an additional fee based on the amount of resin or filament used. 
If the size you need is larger I will use my FDM printer. I use PLA only. 

3D prints will be purchased through my Business PayPal.
ChillowFantasy3D PayPal.

Once purchased, you may change the name of the model or tweak the sculpt for better 3D printing. This includes changing slight proportions, smoothing or removing detail, adding your shop name or logo, etc.

For more complex changes please message me on twitter or here in the shop chat!
Complex changes include adding details, changing the base and other things that would require significant re-touching. If you need me to add your name or logo, I will do that for free, otherwise, there will be a small fee based on the complexity of what you would like changed or added.

Please note that the pricing of the model takes into account time spent, modeling skill, artistic creativity, and commercial rights to produce the physical product.

Please be sure to credit me as the sculptor somewhere in the toy's description as my twitter handle @Chillow3D & website


Once I sell a model to you, you have the exclusive rights to the model -meaning only you are allowed to use it commercially.
If you decide to close your shop and discontinue production of the model, please talk to me and we can discuss options.
Under no circumstances are you to resell my design to somebody else without my permission.

In the case that you decide to retire the design, your options are:

  1. Discontinue the Model: The model will be discontinued and no longer produced. Please contact me if you wish to discontinue your model.
  2.  Return to Designer: Permit me to regain ownership of the design and allow me to place it back into my website inventory for sale.
  3. Transfer Design: Transfer the design directly to another reputable shop and grant them ownership of the model. We will arrange a group discussion between all parties and determine if this is something we all agree to. If Transfer is the agreed upon decision the previous shop owner may charge the new shop owner for the design or gift it to that shop. 

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