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FTM - P3nis Fly Trap Str0ker - 2023 Bazowie Award Winning - Fan Favorite Horror Toy

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Open or Closed

Though most plants thrive with sun and soil, carnivorous plants need something a little more substantial. Don't fret - this one needs only a nibble, and expert botanists report the sensation is far from painful.

***Due to the small size, it is common for teeth to be incomplete or "stubby" looking.***

Open & closed options available.

Standard pour is a 2 color split - the leaves one color and the "head" another color.
Available in 00-20 - super soft (00-10 - super duper soft - coming soon)

Click here for free secondary color.

I'm unable to add a secondary color choice to each customizable listing due to there being "too many variants" so I will have to do it this way for now.

For any additional colors click here!!

Approximate Measurements (inches):

Length: 2"
Smallest Outer Diameter: 0.75"
Widest Outer Diameter: 1.25"
Smallest Inner Diameter: 0.125"
Widest Inner Diameter: 0.68"

Created with 100% body safe, medical grade platinum cure silicone.
Because of the superior physical properties and flexibility of this silicone, it is the highest rated material for personal toys.

  • Non-porous
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Easy to clean
  • Odorless

*Only use water-based lubricants with silicone toys.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Adorable and fun

Came within a week of ordering and I just love it. the sensation is different as I've never used a stroker before but wow it's great! I got the open model and just put my finger in the other side to create suction. Will buy from this person again! :)

Gardeners guide to the penis flytrap

Instructions unclear- this was listed as a low mantiance plant and yet this thing seems to need constant attention. Not that I'm complaining.

I'm new to carnivorous plants so I guess this one might have been a bit above my skill level but so far its been great. Ive been enjoying the chalange of a new plant, especially the more symbiotic nature of this species.
I wasn't sure which morph to go for so I got a mystery one. It took a few days to bloom but once it did I was really happy with the colors! It looks great in my garden and honestly would make for a good decoration for my desk if I wasn't worried about my roommates discovering my green thumb.
The petals have a nice texture and the details look very clean. Amazing ridging on the inside! Had no issues keeping hold and feeding from it's prey(?) Which can be a concern for carnivorous plants after a while without food.
Over all- great plant- took root very quickly, the bloom was gorgeous and the texture of the petals is great. This is differently not a low mantinace plant and it will need more attention than advertised!! If you don't mind having to feed this little guy more often than you thought, it's a great investment. Especially considering to seems to be more affordable than most other plants like this on the market. Definitely recommend


I'm going on T soon and thought I'd get a special little thing for myself, and man it's just the darndest thing. I ordered an open model with a white satin head and peony sunrise leaves (and requested if the two colors could have a sort of swirl effect where they connected if it was possible). The toy is very soft and squishy, and although I'm very much pre-t at the moment, I can see this coming in handy when I'm a few months along.
Highly recommend this toy and shop!!

Lazarus W.

I don't have much bottom growth yet (only 3 months on T). If you're like me, I'd highly recommend getting an open one and inserting a bullet vibrator in one end to seal it that way, especially if you aren't certain if your bottom growth is enough to form a seal on a closed one. I bought both versions and I like them both (open is my favorite of the two, though). Colors look nice and it's a very soft and squishy texture. It's not too difficult to form a seal with a closed toy as long as you have Something to work with (I'd guess about 1-1.5 inches minimum). Very helpful customer service as well! I accidentally placed two orders on two different sites and they helped me cancel both so I could place a new order. Thanks, y'all!

Briar Elijah

I ordered a 2 color custom closed stroker in Raspberry Shimmer with Meconium for the leaves and added an additional color for White Satin “lips” and it came out just as I imagined! Absolutely beautiful work and done so quickly as well. Great toy in use (as someone with no growth and not on T) so I’m sure it is even better for someone who does have growth as they’ll get even better/more suction than I can. Highly recommend this toy and shop!